The 3 most common missing information when ordering signs

You’re ready to place your order. You write the email, attach the artwork, and finally send it off to a supplier to make what you ordered. You think your part is over and the next contact with the company will be calling to pay the bill. While this may be true, most...

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Our 5 New Year’s Resolutions to You

At the start of the year, we all look ahead and decide what we want to change. Some of us call this process setting plans or goals, but at this time of the year it has a special name, New Year’s Resolutions. Just the name alone gives a strong feeling to it. While...

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Silk Screening Biggest Competition

The days of silk screening are numbers. With advancements in technology a faster and better way has become obvious. It’s flatbed printing Flatbed printing not only makes the turnaround time better, it also produces better quality. Also no more waiting for the ink to...

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Number One Alternative to Interior Safety lights

Picture a movie theater. You’re walking up the steps and on the corner you have lights that allow you to see the steps. Why buy lights that cost more to work and have to be changed frequently, when there is a cheaper product that does the same results for less cost?...

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Reasons to consider becoming part of a trade organization?

It’s great for publicity and if you want to get your name out there it's a great way to do that. All trade organizations host many trade shows throughout the world year by year.They are in different places at different times, but many companies are members and...

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