At the start of the year, we all look ahead and decide what we want to change. Some of us call this process setting plans or goals, but at this time of the year it has a special name, New Year’s Resolutions. Just the name alone gives a strong feeling to it.

While resolutions should be done on a consistent basis, many companies become victim to the once a year “New Year’s Resolution”.

At CAB Signs we create goals for our customers, employees, and even our business.

Here are the top 5 New Year’s Resolutions to you:

1. Improve Customer Service

At CAB Signs we realize that customer service is key. Common questions about products, and order status, are 2 common questions that we receive on a daily bases. This year we plan to improve customer service by giving our staff more training about the products we sell. If you have ever have been to our headquarters, in Brooklyn, NY, you might have realized that customer service representative and production staff are separated. Part of our training process will be teaching about the process, and walking them out to the production floor and actually show how the process happens.

2. Improve quality

Selling products, there are going to be some defective items. At CAB we know this and will be implementing new processes to improve our quality. One way we started improving quality is by establishing a new position, the quality control inspector. This person will be the primary person held responsible for any issues regarding size, color spelling and much more before the item is shipped out to our customers. We also plan to implement a system of checking that the employee making the sign will follow to minimize errors.

3. Improve website experience

By now many of you know that every business should have a website. At CAB we have a website but, we fell like it lacking some fresh new things. Stating this year CAB Signs will work on making our website better for you by consistently updating and adding videos. With our videos we plan to we want to “wow” people by showing the world what we do. Usually the few, about 100, people per year that do visit our headquarters are amazed and videos on youtube and/or vimeo would give this feeling to more customers and potential customers.

4. Utilize Social Media

At Cab Signs we do have many of the popular social media networks. In 2014, we plan to utilize social media more with offers, promoting our website, publicizing our blog posts and much more.  On January 4, 2014 CAB started this goal with, “(the) Sign of the Day” campaign. Each working day we take pictures of actual signs made for our customers and pick out the best one and post on facebook and twitter at 5:30 EST.

5. Adapt and Utilize Technology

At CAB Signs emphasis is put on having the technology to produce orders. We look forward to what new technology brings and what we can do to improve our technology. In 2013, CAB adapted UV Printing. While we have not mastered this, CAB is working with experts to improve our products. UV Printing is a great complimentary product that competes with Silk Screening. In 2014 we plan to add a water jet, which will allow us to improve quality, delivery time, and accuracy on current jobs.

Like this Article? Leave a comment below. some of things you can mention are what your company resolutions are?  Or if you have any suggestions?