Silk Screening

Silk Screening is done by making a silk screen (stencil) with a certain image, type or logo on it. The image is in negative form so when ink is pressed (also known as squeegeed) through the screen it will come out on the material desired. Silk screening is best when there is a quantity of exact same signs or the information or design is very intricate and subsequently can not be accomplished with another process. Contrary to common belief, silk screening can be done for as little as one sign, however the cost will be higher. This is due to the fact that a screen and setup must be figured into the cost even for one sign. We are able to screen onto the following materials: all plastics, metals, wood, glass and certain fabrics. We are able to print onto any flat surface. If the surface is not flat, generally we can not silk screen onto it. We have printed on many unusual objects. We recommend sending a photo or actual item so we can advise whether your item can be silk screened.

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