Silk Screening

Silk Screening is done by making a silk screen (stencil) with a certain image, type or logo on it. The image is in negative form so when ink is pressed (also known as squeegeed) through the screen it will come out on the material desired. Unlike its alternatives Hot Stamping and sublimation, Silk Screening can be done on almost any flat, semi hard surface. This includes all plastics, metals, glass, cardboards, papers, books etc. We do not print on tee-shirts.

Silk Screening requires a Setup charge for the Silk Screen. (this is a one time charge) This screen is kept on file for future usage. (Silk Screens are never given to the customer).

Silk Screening can be done on almost anything from a name tag, up to a full 4′ x 8′ sign. Obviously the price of the screen is determined by the overall size of the screen. Again the cost of the silk screen is spread over the cost of the job, so it makes Silk Screening an expensive alternative when small quantities are desired. The main reason something would be silk screened in small quantities would be due to the complexity of the artwork or that color matching might be required. Yes we can match almost any color (either by a PMS number or you can provide an actual sample of the color desired).

The first step to Silk Screening is to create camera-ready artwork. This can be supplied by the customer, either to scale (which means in smaller, proportionate size) which we can enlarge to the desired size. Or we can create this artwork for an additional charge. The art charges would be determined on a time/labor method.

Silk Screening can be done on the surface or below the surface (known as sub-surface). The Subsurface sign, typically has the image silk screened on the reverse side of a clear plexiglas. After, it can be backed up with a contrasting color by spray painting. This is the most modern looking, vandalism resistant sign available today!

From the front side no graphics can be scratched off or vandalized. The surface is smooth with no paint or printing on it! We generally use a matted clear plexiglas for the plastics as this provides a very non-glare look. No lights to reflect on it.

As far as the costs are concerned, Silk Screening is a very customized cost. In other words the specific job, size, colors, materials used, etc., will all be used to determine the pricing. Silk Screening is usually done on a custom quote basis. Please supply your requirements for a quotation today!

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