You’re ready to place your order. You write the email, attach the artwork, and finally send it off to a supplier to make what you ordered. You think your part is over and the next contact with the company will be calling to pay the bill. While this may be true, most people leave out vital information that leads to unnecessary stress by you by receiving the wrong item or lots of calls asking questions. Here are 3 most common information missing:

1. Material Specifications

Like most things, signs are custom and come in a variety of colors, sizes and finishes. This can cause the person entering the order to either call you or ask you many questions or make an educated guess as to what you want. While option 2 may be ok to do in some situations, majority of the time it backfires and you don’t get the product you want, the whole job is wrong, and the order has to be completely redone. Our advice to you is to make sure you mention what material and finish you want, what size you want it in, and the color you want. With custom colors, make sure to include the pms number.

2. PO and Attached artwork don’t match

This tends to be majority of the issue today with most customers making their own files. When po’s and artwork don’t match you leave It to the person to decide which is right. In most cases the person will give priority to the artwork and void what is on the po. To avoid confusion make sure everything is consistent

3. Installation Enhancements-

When it comes to signs most are on the wall. What we see as a problem is the customer does not mention how they are mounted? Options vary for double face tape, velcro, screws, and standoffs (a metal screw that hangs the sign off the wall and has a decorative front). Adding this information to the order will be something easy for the sign maker to do, while making your installation time faster.


Including this information, will insure that we will provide you a better product with less stress.

Do you have any other suggestions when ordering signs? Make sure to leave comments and suggestions below